Adidas x Size? Releasing new “Orange Noise” NMD R1 in December

A new Adidas NMD is set to release on December 2nd, that’s on Saturday , and will lighten up all the dark winter nights in every city.  These shoes are very good looking according to me comment down below what you think!

Size? and Adidas have worked together to create a part 2 of their “Invincible” pack and came up with this! The midsole of the sneaker contains the BOOST technology as standard for the Adidas NMD. The Primeknit has a bright orange color, the color blends in with the leafs through a deer’s eyes. The PK also has three stripes in a different shade of orange.

Adidas x Size? NMD R1 “Orange Noise”

Available December 2nd at Size? app and all their stores

Price: $150


Images at Sneakernews’ website


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Kanye West promised back in January that Yeezy would be available for everyone in the near future. And as seen on my previous post about this, I didn’t think this was true. I strongly believed that Adidas would not make Yeezy for everyone. But by looking at this chart from Yeezy Mafia, I may be wrong.

As seen we have an very increased amount of pairs available for each Yeezy (Exclude the Semi-Frozen). Unfortunately, if you ask me, Yeezy may be available for everyone as Kanye West promised. I really hope they don’t because then they want be as exclusive and hyped if everyone can get them very easily.


Time will tell…


Kanye West with unknown and unrevealed “Baby Green” Yeezy

Everyone is running around like hens in a hen garden eager to find out about the shocking picture that was captured on Kanye West wearing a “Baby Green”, “Piss” or whatever you-wanna-call-it pair of Yeezy on Black Friday. We haven’t heard any information about a new pair of Yeezys releasing soon so either it’s just an exclusive pair for Kanye West like the “Green” and “Red Nights” that weren’t available to purchase, or we will soon get an official reveal.  I guess we just have to wait and see but if these pairs are releasing soon, it has to be after the “Blue Tints” which means most likely we wont see them on the market until next year. However, here’s the picture – let me know what you think!




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Supreme x The North Face – Get your bots ready!

Week 15 of the Supreme drop will be collaborated with The North Face for the second time this season and this time it is even better! The drop is my personal favorite drop so far this season. It just looks very good and on Supreme Community it is very high rated. Therefore I recommend making sure you have your bots ready, or as I do fill in my contact info for free on Fillr or Restocks available on the App Store.

The drop however with TNF contains two winter jackets, one set of T-Shirts, one set of Crewnecks, one blanket, one backpack and lastly a set of 6-panel hats.

Read more below to get a in-depth review of each item!

The first item is the Supreme x The North Face Mountain Baltoro Jacket. It is a stuffed winter jacket and it is only available in one colorway. The colors are quite many, since there is a mountain as its colorway. The picture on the mountain is repeatedly shown in this drop. There are three North Face logos, one at the chest, one at the shoulders and lastly one on the back. The logo one the shoulder has a Supreme logo underneath it. There is also a SUPREME text on the hoodie in black, it is a little bit hard to see. I’d really like to buy this item since winter is coming up here in Scandinavia and it is getting cold and dark very quick!

Rating: 9/10



The second item on the list is also a jacket but under the name “Parka” instead of Baltoro. The colorway and logo placement is the same as the jacket. But the difference is that this jacket is not stuffed and doesn’t therefore keep the body heat very well. But as the other jacket it is water and wind resistance. I like this jacket, but I’d rather buy the winter jacket instead since it is warmer with it.

Rating: 7.5/10


The third item on the list is the Supreme x The North Face Mountain T-Shirt. This T-Shirt has a mountain as application on its stomach/chest. Underneath the mountain we can found the Supreme and The North Face logos. There seems to be a North Face logo on the shoulder as well as Supreme logo underneath it just like the jacket. The T-Shirt is available in blue, white and black colors.

Rating: 7/10


The fourth item is the Supreme x The North Face Mountain Crewneck Sweatshirt. On the front side is a The North Face logo and a Supreme logo underneath it. On the back is the same application and logo placements as the T-Shirt had on the front. The sweatshirt is available in the same color as the T-Shirt; blue, black and white.

Rating: 7.5/10


The fifth item is not a garment, it is a expedition backpack. It is only available in one colorway. It has the same design as the jackets has. There is only one The North Face logo and Supreme logo visible in the picture. And it has the same design as all other logo placements. The North Face logo on the top and Supreme logo underneath it. I think it looks good but I wouldn’t spend my money on getting something like this in such a great drop.

Rating: 6.5/10


The sixth item on the list is probably the least useful item on this collaboration and it is a blanket. Very basic blanket with a black top and then the mountain underneath it. In the upper left corner is the The North Face logo and underneath it is the Supreme logo. I like it but I feel like I’m not going to be in need of using a blanket this winter, maybe I’d use it once but when spring comes it wouldn’t be necessary.

Rating: 5/10


The seventh and last item is the 6-panel hat. It is available in three colors: blue, black and white. It has the mountain application and underneath it is the Supreme and The North Face logo with a black ram around them. I’m not a fan of these, I’m not a fan of the Supreme hats and I wouldn’t waste my money on these.

Rating: 5/10


That was all the items that are dropping this collaboration and Supreme season. I liked this drop and I find the jacket and sweatshirt very attractive and useful to buy. The overall rating is 6.785 out of ten. Let me know what you think of this collabartion by commenting on this post and don’t forget to follow my blog!


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Air Jordan 1 Gatorade “Grape” Releasing Day After Christmas

More and more Air Jordan shoes are being revealed as time goes. Now we have the Air Jordan 1 “Grape” shoe that’s been reveled and it looks astonishing good.

From the purple color we can figure out how it got its name as well as what Gatorade flavor it is representing. Just like all the other Air Jordan Gatorade shoes, this one is also from the “Be Like Mike” commercial from 1991.

The shoe  is almost all purple except the orange Nike tongue and a orange Gatorade flash logo at the heel base. The shoe laces are also in orange. There is also an Air Jordan old-school logo at the top line, it is very hidden apart the other logos. The typical Nike logo is also hidden but can be found at its typical spot.

Air Jordan 1 Gatorade “Grape”

Available December 26th at and selected retailers.

Price: $175



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BAPE x Adidas Dame 4 Releasing in Mid February

The point guard in Portland Trail Blazers Damian Lillard have collaborated with Adidas for the fourth time. Together with BAPE (A Bathing Ape) they are releasing a new Dame 4 during the all star weekend (16 Feb – 19 Feb) that will be in two colorways, one in BAPE’s traditional green camo and the second one in black camo. The shoes will only cost $150 USD.

The camo hue will be on the upper part of the shoe, with the BAPE’s shark teeth along the midsole and one eye on each foot at the toes. The midsole is in grey on the green camo and black on the black camo. The outsole is in the same colors as the midsole but in a different shade. There are also the letters W G M on the top line. The shoe cap is in dark green/black color and has three white stripes, symbolizing the Adidas’ three stripes. The outsole has one BAPE logo on the left shoe and one Adidas on the right shoe.

Stay tuned for more updates by subscribing!


Source: Hupu

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Futuristic Adidas NMD R1 “STLT” with Improved Primeknit Releases in December

There has been revealed that five more pairs of Adidas NMD will release before the year end. What’s special with these  NMDs is that they have an updated Primeknit with a more  aesthetic look and thicker ribs that is said to improve structure and form. The shoe will still have the NMD core and BOOST sole technology. This piece of engineer will only cost $170 and will be available in five different colorways:

  • Black, Red and Blue
  • Black, Grey and Pink
  • Grey and Black
  • Blue, Black and Chalk Coral
  • Olive green, Black and Solar Slime


The official release date has not been revealed but I believe that we could expect the release to be in mid December. I believe it is going to be before Christmas, but that’s just my speculations.

“Crappy” Supreme Drop on Black Friday Ahead

It is two days left to the Supreme drop. So far only four items have been revealed and NONE of them have gotten more then 50% thumbs up, actually they have all less then 37% thumbs up. THAT IS BAD.

Anyways, due to Thanksgiving and NOT Black Friday as some (Including me) thought, Supreme will release on Friday, still the same time I assume. The drop currently only contains two collaborations, Supreme x Timberland and Supreme x Vanson. The Supreme x Timberland is two pairs of waterproof boots. The Vanson collaboration are three garments; A jacket, gloves and pants.

Below you can see a picture of the Supreme x Timberland. It is available in two colorways. Either in all black or in blue, red and brown. The pattern on the shoe is to represent the flag of the US. As seen in the picture one pair’s colorway match with the colors on the flag. The boots are waterproof which is good for the people living in the northern hemisphere where winter is just around the corner. For people living in southern part of the hemisphere you can still buy them and then you don’t have to worry about last-minute-shopping which is extra painful when it is winter season and you are wearing a winter jacket inside a shopping center that keeps playing the same tracks over and over. Back to the shoes, there are only two logos I believe, one red flap with the SUPREME text in white and then a Timberland logo hanging from the laces.

Rating = 5.5/10


The next item on the list is the Supreme x Vanson leather bones jacket. It is available in three colorways, black and white, red and white and lastly blue and yellow. They all feature a skeleton body in their secondary color (white, white and yellow). There are two pockets with zip closure on both sides of the stomach. There are also two inner pockets. The jacket is made out of  cowhide. It has a total of SIX logos. One Vanson and one Supreme logo on the front arms. Then there is also SUPREME written in the jacket’s secondary color. There is also SUPREME written inside the jacket at the zip closure which will be hard to notice though.

Rating = 4.5/10

The third item on the list is the Supreme x Vanson leather X-Ray gloves. They are also available in the same colors as the jacket. The gloves are very basic with no logos nor text and has only the application of a skeleton’s hand. The bones are in the secondary color. Why would someone want this? I guess you have to buy the whole kit then.

Rating = 4/10


The last item on this very short list is the Supreme x Vanson leather bones pants. The same colors are available here and as probably guessed the application is a skeleton’s legs, in the garments’ secondary color. Different from the gloves, there are logos and texts here. One Vanson logo can be found on each leg at the pockets and a SUPREME text is written upright along the bones on both legd. The pants have front and back pockets and all of them have zip closure.

Rating = 4/10

That was all, I am a little bit disappointed on this drop. I guess that if you want to buy any Supreme x Vanson garment you have to buy them in the same color and size which could not just be expensive, but also very hard to get and I just think it isn’t worth it. Crappy drop according to me. The average rating of the drop is  4.5, very low I believe.

Let me know if you were planning on buying something and tell me what in the comments!


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Air Jordan 32 Low “Be Like Mike” Releases December 16th Together with Three Other Pairs

The best, most iconic and most influential ad ever could possibly be the “Be Like Mike” ad that was released back in 1991. The person behind this masterpiece is Michael Jordan, who had just ended his partnership Coca Cola and was about to introduce the world to sports drink. The sports drink company was Gatorade and have this year worked together with  Nike and Michael Jordan to release four shoes in memory of  the sensational ad that was first aired 26 years ago on a fat TV.

I have already written a post about one of the shoes that are releasing the same date as the 32 lows which you can read more about here.

However is the shoe I’ll be talking most about here the Air Jordan 32. The shoe has a rubber sole it looks like with a light red color at the heel that fades away the closer you get to the toes. The outsole also has a MIKE text on it in green with a Gatorade flash in orange representing the I. The midsole is black and has a green Jordan logo left of the heel. The main part of the shoe is white but on the upper most part of the heel there is an orange and black “stair case”. The edge of the shoe is in black and the inner part of the shoe is in orange. Besides the logo at the heel and on the outsole, we can find two more logos. One is an old school Air Jordan logo in green and orange at the tongue of the shoe. The second and last logo can be found inside the shoe. It is another flash with the same color as the other one, in orange.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This shoe according to me looks very nice. I like the combination of green, white and orange colors. This might be a cop for me since they’ll only cost $165, $25 cheaper then  the other shoe that will be released.

There is also announced to be two more shoes in this collaboration, one set of Air Jordan 1 in a typical blue Gatorade color and the other set is a Air Jordan 6 in full green suede color. The AJ 1 will cost $175 and will most likely be released December 16th. The AJ 6 will cost $225 and will release December 16th.

Let me know which one you like the best!



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Why do brands like Adidas only release a limited amount of Yeezy?

Kanye West said in a famous interview back in January that he was hoping that the upcoming Yeezy would be available for everyone and not sell out in seconds. And recent rumors say that the upcoming Yeezy semi-frozen yellow is the most limited Yeezy ever. So Adidas answer to Kanye was basically to mind his own business? Why aren’t all the different Yeezy available for everyone and just the ones who either are really lucky or spends almost hundreds of dollars on bots to buy them for them?

Let’s first summarize the interview with Kanye West before answering the question. He said that the Yeezys would soon be “available to everyone” and not sell out really quick. As seen in the chart bellow from hypebeast you can see the amounts of editions available. Last year at Black Friday was three Yeezy released and was very limited. Then we had the Beluga, almost twice as much pairs were available. And this rise just keeps on going.

At the end of the chart there are three colored squares, all representing one color of the upcoming Yeezys. But it has been rumored that one pair was going to be the most limited Yeezy of all time. That means less then the Black Friday ones, which is really low. But what about the others? I believe that the Beluga 2.0 will be available in the same amounts as the previous Beluga, maybe a little more but I really don’t think they’ll be available in the same amount as the creams. We also are waiting for the Blue Tint to be released, I believe that here we can except a pretty high amount, almost equal to the Zebras.


But why does Adidas only release them in such a limited amount? I believe they want them to be exclusive, whenever you see someone wearing Yeezy at a mall or somewhere else you’ll remember that they are very exclusive and limited. I like this very much, I want them to be limited that’s what makes them special and rare. But are they too limited? Well, I don’t really know what I think. I don’t really know how hard they are to get. Maybe they aren’t the problem, maybe we  are the problem.


If my understanding of copping Adidas is right, you can in some way reserve a spot. I like that system with, as long as you can’t use a bot for it! I hate that bots are available. It completely ruins the whole thing with copping sneakers, I think that an auto  filler is enough. I use fillr, a free app that fills in your credit card details. The best part is that its free and fair for everyone, everyone can use it and they all get the same advantages when using it. But if you are using a bot it’s not only very expensive, it is not everyone that wants to spend an extra $70 for a bot.

Now you are probably thinking that “Hey, I paid for this shouldn’t I get an advantage then?” well I think that bots shouldn’t be available at all. I like when you bring your friends over, hype for the drop in several hours and when it’s finally time you just keep refreshing the page. But with a bot this is all ruined, there is no hurry,  you will get the item you want.

Another problem is everyone who buys a bot and then sell the garment “they” copped for more. I get that when it is money on the table you can do pretty much everything, but if you don’t want it why should you buy it? You are just ruining for everyone else who badly wanted it but not spend $100 more to get it. Sooner then later the prices will either rise very much or the interest will decrease a lot i presume.


Now back to the topic, if there were no bots and no people that want’s to buy-low-sell-high then we wouldn’t have a problem. But now we have those people, how are we going to act? Are we going to put a higher price on the Yeezy for example. There are both good and bad consequences if Adidas decided to do this, the younger adults and teenagers wouldn’t wast so much money which could also lead to a loose in interest.

But if we weren’t changing the price but the quantity instead, how would it then be? The same outcome there as well I think. The Yeezy wouldn’t be so exclusive and rare. Instead they would be less popular since more people would be available to get them and there resell value would also decrease.

So how are we going to do to solve this problem? I have absolutely no idea but I feel like the market will soon decrease.

The best thing to do according to me though is to:

  • Ban all bots if possible
  • Increase quantity by a small amount
  • Increase selling price by a small amount

Why I said this was a solution was because if the quantity is increased, the reselling price will decrease as their are more buy-low-sell-high people witch would lead to a higher competition and lower prices. Unfortunately we wont get rid of them so this is the best thing to do. And if the selling price is increased this would lead to  higher reselling price obviously but also I believe that the difference between the retail price and reselling price wouldn’t be as much as before.

Let me know what you think, remember these are my opinions but I’m happy to hear your opinion!


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